Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Currently this is our window

I will let you read it yourself.

"I'm a wizard"

Please finish.

I could not think of which of my endings I enjoyed the most and I was sure there were plenty more to think of. So, if you have any suggestions just comment them.

Two I already have are:

"... cupping himself."
"...holding a saucepan and proclaiming the word of god."

Satan and his electrical fetish

A long and lonely life

I was once told that this is the worst thing that could be wished upon a person. But I can very much doubt that as I can think of a few worse things.
For instance, that chap on the right could slowly force his way inside of you. That's bound to hurt.

So many socks

I can assure you that this is not based on my lifestyle, at all! Never! I am partially sure of it! I don't ever use my socks.


My two favourite insults at the current time. As well as "Skank".

Man made of chaos

Solar System On My Plate/Kill The Whore

A man in a dress.

As the blog post so subtly puts it. A version of a real man I saw in a real dress.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Mr. Feach and the scarecrow

"Oh Mister Feach, what peculiar dreams you do have."

Monster and I call him Truffles.

Aw, look at truffles! So cute.

What a mess!

Yeah, let's see!


I did and still do intend to have the whole page full of the buildings. It's not even A5 size and still have not completed it.

Something is wrong

Train from Edinburgh-Cambridge: Proper gay

It must be true.

Train from Edinburgh-Cambridge: Flower

Train from Edinburgh-Cambridge: Ravenboy or Manbird?

I wish I had sex with a raven :'(

Train from Edinburgh-Cambridge: I like pancakes

Which is true.

Train from Edinburgh-Cambridge: Moon Man

For those of you who can not understand my horrendous handwriting (because I was on a train) the text is as follows in a grammatically correct way (kind of):

"I am not a man on the moon... I am Moonman Defender of the moon from terrorists, russians and Satan. Looker at stars and such alike.

But when I am not Moonman... I am... bored of the moon and I like to play minesweeper with my moon mine detector and to jump up as I can jump high. Not because I am "Moonman: defender of the moon" but because I, the moon, has a small amount of gravitation. Like a ball or a kettle on the moon. In fact I am only 25 and own a dog, ruffles, but he has died from lack of oxygen. As there is none on the moon, only sugarpuffs. So many it could fill the moon, which it does...


It was somewhat of a "stream of conscious" type of writing. I had no idea what I had written until reviewing my book a few months ago.

Train from Edinburgh-Cambridge: My Farm

And what an awful farm it is. Four animals, is that it?!

Train from Edinburgh-Cambridge: Hero

Some type of teaching about God, some type of hero, a dragon and the truth.

Train from Edinburgh-Cambridge: Foetus Freaks

As the name suggests. Foetuses!

Personal Sketchbook: Page One

Oh, very interesting?
The date and time I finally started my first actual personal sketchbook!
A proud moment for me.